"Two years ago, at another dental office, my husband and I had our gums destroyed by a careless dental hygienist performing a simple cleaning; we have been emotionally scarred by the experience and have neglected to even search for another dental office. But when I cracked my back tooth on an un-popped popcorn kernel and could barely eat, it was time to find another dental team. After reading numerous reviews, I tested the waters first and the experience couldn’t have been better. From my interaction with Judy at the front desk, to Christina’s gentle manner with the low radiation x-rays, and Dr. Barker’s very gentle hand and incredibly considerate manner, I couldn’t have wished for a better dental practice. I have since had a deep cleaning (it has been over two years and my teeth so needed it), have had several damaged fillings replaced (no more pain) and just had a temporary crown put in while waiting for the permanent one for that severely cracked tooth. My husband is now also scheduled and I’m moving over my son too. We have found our new dental team‼ You couldn’t dream up a better dental practice than Cardinal Family Dentistry and I’m so happy Dr. Barker opened her office so close to our home, but we would definitely travel to see her if necessary."


"Dr. Barker treated my elderly father and demonstrated an extraordinary degree of knowledge and expertise while being professional and gentle. Finding a dentist with all these qualities is no easy task. However, Dr. Barker possesses them all.  I can highly recommend her. We have found our dentist for life!"

Michael C.

"Cardinal family dentistry is an excellent establishment. Dr. Barker is a wonderful person who truly enjoys her job and working with people. I highly recommend her as a dentist for both adults and kids. I plan on using her as my dentist once her practice opens."

Justin D.

"Dr. Barker is an extremely kind and intelligent professional. She takes great care of her patients and I recommend her to any individual or family seeking a dentist in the Apex or Raleigh area."

Evan A.

"The staff was so kind from answering the phone and making my appointment which was an emergency. They stayed late and made sure nothing was wrong. They went above and beyond in their care. I would recommend Cardinal Family Dentistry to anyone. I have found my new dental office for all my care and have been encouraging my family to make appointments also."

robin t.

"Came in for my first appointment this week. Staff was friendly and attentive. I had a thorough exam that was explained well. Then a plan to treat my needs working with my insurance was done so my out of pocket expenses were kept to a minimum.  Truly painless dentistry both on my mouth and my wallet"

matthew h.

"Terrific staff and so friendly. The latest in dental equipment made the entire visit much quicker with immediate access to all the results and information. A significantly better dental visit than the usual approach."

clifford m.

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