Floss Picks vs Regular Floss

Flossing should be part of your daily oral hygiene routine together with brushing and regular dentist check-ups. It's important to keep this step in your routine as it helps clean your mouth better for any debris left in between the teeth.

Flossing can be useful, especially for people that do not have too much space between their teeth as it can help them properly clean their teeth. 

Flossing is basically gently and firmly scraping the tooth. 

Food particles and plaque get stuck between the teeth, and the danger of it is that you might not even feel it. But, it’s there causing damage to your teeth and oral health in general. 

The use of floss to clean the teeth is important also because a normal toothbrush does not reach that space between teeth and some people might not have a big enough gap to use an interdental brush. 

Regular Floss and How It's Done

Floss can be found both waxed and unwaxed. The better the technique you use for flossing the more efficient it is in cleaning the teeth. 

When flossing, do not be too aggressive as it can harm your gums causing them to bleed. 

Break off enough floss to be able to wrap around the finger and have enough to use for the flossing motion. Use gentle movement to slide the floss up and down, also forming a C shape with it around each tooth. 

Make sure also you go below the gumline with the floss and clean the entire tooth.

When done properly, it has extremely positive results for your oral health.

Floss Picks – What Are They

A floss pick is a piece of plastic designed to hold a piece of floss, stretched between two points. With the floss picks you do not have to hold the floss with your fingers. They can be more convenient to use as opposed to regular floss. 

Floss picks vs Regular Floss

While floss picks can be easier to use than regular floss, they also can be less effective when cleaning the teeth. You do not have the same movements and reach all the angles a regular floss would normally get to. 

Because you are using the same piece of floss, bacteria that gets cleaned away is moved around in the mouth from one place to another, which makes it less effective. 

The ideal flossing technique is not properly done with a floss pick, as the string is fixed and it is not possible to do the C shape with it. 

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