Can I Whiten My Teeth If I Have Cosmetic Work?

If you have cosmetic dental work like veneers, crowns, or dental bonding, you may be wondering if it’s possible to whiten your teeth. Can you improve your smile and remove stains even if you’ve already covered up some of your teeth? Find out now in this blog from Cardinal Family Dentistry.

Your Cosmetic Dental Work Will Not Respond To Teeth Whitening

First, you should know that if you have dental work like porcelain crowns or veneers or dental bonding, the material used to restore your smile won’t respond to teeth whitening. The peroxide-based chemicals used to whiten your teeth will only work on your natural, porous tooth enamel.

But that’s not such a bad thing. Cosmetic work is made from durable, nonporous materials that are impervious to stains from most sources, so your cosmetic dental work will still look bright and beautiful, even years later.

But Your Natural Teeth Can Still Be Whitened 

Most people want to whiten their teeth if they’ve gotten their cosmetic dental work a few years ago, and stains and yellowing have built back up on their natural teeth. 

There’s good news! You can still have your natural teeth whitened. Chemical whiteners can be used to easily remove these surface stains and to keep your smile looking its best. 

If you’ve noticed some stain buildup that contrasts with your bright, white dental work, it’s easy to see a dentist like Dr. Barker at Cardinal Family Dentistry and have your teeth whitened to reverse your stains. 

It Is Important To Work With An Experienced Dentist To Whiten Your Teeth 

We highly recommend that you work with an experienced dentist if you want to whiten your teeth and have dental work like veneers and crowns. This is because your teeth must be whitened very carefully to avoid an unnatural appearance.

If you whiten your natural teeth too much, they may become brighter than your cosmetic dental work, which looks a bit unnatural. And if you don’t whiten them enough, you may not fully remove stains and discoloration.

That’s why working with an experienced cosmetic dentist like Dr. Sarah S. Barker is so important. Dr. Barker can create a customized teeth whitening plan based on the natural shade of your teeth, the color of your dental work, and your level of staining. The end result will be a smile that looks completely uniform and natural. Your natural teeth will match the shade of your dental work perfectly.

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